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- 3/30/2015 -
Taoyuan International Airport’s Friend, Varitron, The Manufacturer Of Speed Reducer

Taoyuan International Airport’s Friend, Varitron, The Manufacturer Of Speed Reducer 

    On behalf of the gateway to Taiwan, the Taoyuan International Airport occupies an important place. The result of Skytrax world airport award shows that Taoyuan International Airport ranked 17 in the world's best airports, and winning the Best Airport Staff in Asia. In this momentous occasion, over fifty percent of Cycloidal Speed Reducers in Taoyuan International Airport  are selected from  Varitron. Cycloidal Speed Reducers are used in passenger bridge and conveyor. There is few of the speed reducer manufacturers in the industry can achieve such high standard. For Varitron, It is certainly a glory.


    In the airport, any problem of machinery will cause catastrophic failure. For public safety, any detail must be checked in highest standard, including machinery’s stability, mechanical life, and efficiency. Especially, under the impact of temperature vary and high humidity, the quality of speed reducer is tested to the utmost. With half-century manufacturing experience, our Cycloidal Speed Reducers have highly performance in ratio, noise abatement, efficiency, and reliability. Varitro is outstanding manufacturer of Cycloidal Speed Reducer in Taiwan. Including the japanese manufacturing company, our fine works make us have cooperative partner all around the world. 

    “Compared with the traditional speed reducer, the Cycloidal Speed Reducer has more stable , better quality, and even less noise. Cycloidal Speed Reducer is not only avoiding many troubles that we have but also substantially increasing our quality” senior engineer said so.


    Under the 24hours a day, 7days a week working time, Varitron’s Cycloidal Speed Reducer has stable operation performance and high quality operation efficiency. Varitron insist on high quality product as guarantee for our customer.


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