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- 3/19/2015 -
Varitron, The Exclusive Speed reducer Supplier Of Oscar Nominated Movie “Life Of Pi”


Varitron, The Exclusive Speed reducer Supplier

Of Oscar Nominated Movie “Life Of Pi”


Varitron is always insisting on product quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. By steadfastly manages throughout ploughs the industrial foundation deeply in the fifty years. With relationship built on trust, we have cooperative partner all around the world and the customer in many industries.

  It is honored to say, we are the exclusive speed reducer supplier of oscar nominated movie “The Life Of Pi”. Our customized speed reducer satisfies the special effects team with our innovative design. From newly design to the manufacture, it only took a half of month.

  “We are appreciated Varitron who gave us so much technically help. Many unexpected difficulties happened in the beginning, such as machine design, technical difficulties. The Varitron is the only one company that gave us the solution of our problem, agreeing with our need, helping us integrate our job,” Mr. Andrew Verhoeven said, the Special Effects team crew member.



In the movie “The Life Of Pi” ,the boat sliced through the water, every scenes are full of heart stopping special effects. The Film has taken $600 million at official movie box, and this record also broke the movie director Ang Lee’s career high too. To present the reality scenes, the special effects team need a “big machine” which can give the stable performance with newly design. The Varitron’s speed reducer combines reliability and performance with high withstand shock loads and highly value, that is the reason why the special effects team pick up us.

  All the years, we pursue the high quality product to satisfy our every customer. The movie “Life Of Pi” broke many movie records, won many awards, and Varitron is glad to take part in this project. 






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