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- 2/4/2016 -
Water-Purification Plant and Varitron, Popularization of Cyclo Gearbox


Water-Purification Plant and Varitron, Popularization of Cyclo Gearbox


      Located in Taichung city, Liyutan Water-Purification Plant has supply over 600000 tons of water which is equivalent a half of Taichung ‘s total water supply. To meet such high demand, the machineries are working under the 24hours a day, 7days a week working time. It is honored that Varitron has chance to cooperate with the Taiwan Water Corporation, providing Cyclo Gearbox. Compared with traditional gear box, Cyclo Gearbox not only has high quality but also has more affordable price. With 50 years of experiences, Varitron has high maturity of manufacturing experience which accomplished our good customer confidence.

     In the early days, The main demand of the Taiwan gearbox market is nearly helical gearbox and Stepper motor. Because of technical difficulty, the most of Cyclo Gearboxes are imported from abroad instead of made in Taiwan. If people want to buy Cyclo Gearbox, the shipping costs and unit costs of product must be expensive. But, nowadays, there is difference from past that the manufacturer in Taiwan has ability to produce high quality Cyclo Gearbox with maturity of technique. In addition to affordable price and easy way to to maintain, Taiwan Cyclo Gearbox also have high quality to compare with foreign products.



    The Varitron Cyclo Gearbox which unique cycloid gear design has advantages superior to speed reducers using common involute tooth gears. The key to Varitron's Cycloid Gearbox matchless performance and reliability is that 67% of the reduction components are in contact at all times, compared to helical gear and planetary gear designs that use only limited tooth contact. Unlike geared designs, the Varitron's reduction components operate in compression rather than shear, which results to withstand shock loads exceeding ratings of 500%, provide exceptional performance, reliability and long life in most severe applications.



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