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- 4/9/2015 -
Bering Strait and Varitron, Customized Gearbox Speed Reducer Challenges Brutal Cold

Bering Strait and Varitron, Customized Gearbox Speed Reducer Challenges Brutal Cold.

   In the Bering Strait, there are most indomitable fisher men in the world.Under the Polar Vortex, facing the howled wind and rogue waves, the fishers work on the sea against with freezing temperature and so does the machinery, which shares the same difficulties with fellow fishers. In such tough fight, Captain Ilia Kuzmin, Homer F/V Currency LLC company Alsaka, chooses to trust Varitron's customized Gearbox Speed Reducer. Designed to cope with extreme environment, Varitron's customized Gearbox Speed Reducer always have stable operation. With 50 years of experience, Varitron has mature technology to produce customized speed reducer capable of meeting your expectation, considering design, an exterior and performance.

    The fisher men are always working in the frigid climate which sometimes can plummet to minus 10 degrees Celsius, the machinery not only endures the impact of choppy waves but also works against freezing temperature of the sea. When the fisher haul up the fishing net, the catch might weigh hundreds, even thousands of kilograms. Depend on this situation, Varitron’s customized Gearbox Speed Reducer use special materials on the key parts to prevent corrosion from sea by the aluminum instead of alloy iron. In the structure, the special steel helps the gearbox more durable and stable.

   Varitron has built a solid reputation in the industry over 50 years.We provide our customers various Speed Reducer with a level of technological maturity. To help our customers make best choices, Varitron also offers product consultation regarding application and ratio according to the need of your company, with our guarantee of product quality.No matter considering extreme environment or using the Special material, We all have great maturity of technique to do it well.



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