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What is Motor Space Heaters

What is Motor Space Heaters?

Motor space heaters are devices that help prevent condensation in electric motors by creating an ambient temperature of 50°F. These devices activate when motors are in idle condition. The global electric motors market is witnessing high growth primarily because electric motors have positioned themselves as an essential to several residential and industrial applications. They form an integral component in the manufacturing of heating, ventilating, and cooling (HVAC) equipment and residential appliances. Increasing use of electric motors in compressors, fans, pumps, and HVAC has been on the rise. Since compressors, fans, and pumps are used in a majority of industrial facilities, their demand drives the demand for electric motors. When the motors are idle, there are chances of condensation, which could damage the motors. Motor space heater helps in preventing condensation by maintaining a consistent temperature of around 50°F. Due to this, the demand for motor space heaters is increasing as they help prevent condensation and consequent damage to the motors. Any damage to the motor could affect the operation of the facility and create downtime, which will affect the production as well.

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