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Planetary Gearbox for AGVs

Planetary Gearbox for AGVs


AGV is known as Automatic guided vehicle. They are an efficient, dependable, and versatile material handling solution. Varitron planetary gearbox is designed to meet AGV manufacturers requirement with high power density but small size. Various ratio selection.


An AGV is a mobile robot that uses markers, wires, magnets, laser or other instruments for navigation. AGVs are often used in industrial applications to transport materials in a factory, warehouses and even airport.


An efficient planetary drive gearbox for AGV

-High torque density for planetary transmissions

-Low backlash for high positioning accuracy

-Higher radial loads performance

-High axial loads

-Planetary gearbox can be with wheel option

-Can be mounted with all 3 phase motor, stepper motor and servomotors

-Oversized bearings on the output side and sophisticated seals, certain series gearboxes from Varitron are very well suited for heavy applications.

-Available in straight and right-angled version for optimal installation possibilities.

-Available in many different reduction ratios, from 1:3 up to 1:1000.


Automated Guided Vehicles Gearbox are our expertise

We design and manufacture Automated Guided Vehicle Gearbox for different types of AGV transports, making your processes more flexible, efficient and safe.


How does an AGV navigate?

agv gearbox

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) are also known by other names, including LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle), SGV (Self Guided Vehicle), as well as guided carts, mobile robots, self-steering vehicles or autonomous vehicles and similar name variations. Names can be different, but every device has a (sometimes multiple) method of automatic navigation based on one of these following technologies:


-Laser Navigation.

-Contour Range Navigation.

-Magnetic Spot Navigation.

-Tape of Wire Navigation.


Wheelbase AGV

Smaller AGV’s usually have 3 wheels (in this case, then it is always stable, regardless of the surface), 2 which are parallel to each other and 1 support wheel. When the driven wheels rotate at the same speed, the AGV goes straight ahead or backwards. For example, if the left wheel rotates slower as the right wheel, the AGV makes a left turn according to the same principle as a tank turns. Larger and heavier AGV’s have different steering mechanisms and often several steering wheels or wheel sets.


Varitron Planetary Gearbox for AGVs

DH Series Planetary Gearbox

DN Series Planetary Gearbox

DF Series Planetary Gearbox

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