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Estun Automation Servo Motors equivalent Varitron planetary gearbox

Following information are the mounting dimensions of Estun Automation Servo motors to equivalent planetary gearboxes.  Types of Estun Automation servo motors are including EMJ, EMG, EML, and EMB.


Specification of Motor Specification of Planetary Gearbox
Type Power Type Stage Ratio Spec.
EMJ-02A□A□□ 200W DM/DH/DL/DS060 L1/L2/L3 X 14-50-70-M5(30-3)
EMJ-04A□B□□ 400W       14-50-70-M5(30-3)
EMJ-08A□B□□ 750W DM/DH/DL/DS090 L1/L2/L3 X 19-70-90-M5(35-3)
EMJ-10A□B□□ 1.0kW       19-70-90-M5(35-3)
EMG-10A□A□□ 1.0kW DM/DH/DL/DS120 L1/L2/L3 X 22-110-145-M8(55-4)
EMG-10D□A□□ 1.0kW       22-110-145-M8(55-4)
EMG-15A□A□□ 1.5kW       22-110-145-M8(55-4)
EMG-15D□A□□ 1.5kW       22-110-145-M8(55-4)
EMG-20A□A□□ 2.0kW       22-110-145-M8(55-4)
EMG-30A□A□□ 3.0kW DM/DH/DL/DS150 L1/L2/L3 X 35-114.3-200-M12(79-3.2)
EMG-50A□A□□ 5.0kW       35-114.3-200-M12(79-3.2)
EML-10A□A□□ 1.0kW DM/DH/DL/DS120 L1/L2/L3 X 22-110-145-M8(55-4)
EML-10D□A□□ 1.0kW       22-110-145-M8(55-4)
EML-20A□A□□ 2.0kW DM/DH/DL/DS150 L1/L2/L3 X 35-114.3-200-M12(79-3.2)
EML-30A□A□□ 3.0kW       35-114.3-200-M12(79-3.2)
EML-30A□A□□ 3.0kW       35-114.3-200-M12(79-3.2)
EML-40A□A□□ 4.0kW       35-114.3-200-M12(79-3.2)
EMB-75D□A□□ 7.5kW DM/DH/DL/DS150 L1/L2/L3 X 42-200-235-M12(116-4)
EMB-1AD□A□□ 11.0kW       42-200-235-M12(116-4)
EMB-1ED□A□□ 15.0kW DM/DS180 L1/L2/L3 X 55-200-235-M12(116-4)
EMB-2BD□A□□ 22.0kW DM/DS220 L1/L2/L3 X 60-250-300-M14(140-5)
EMB-3CDRA 33.0kW DM/DH/DL/DS150 L1/L2/L3 X 42-200-235-M12(116-4)
EMB-2FDRA 29.9kW       42-200-235-M12(116-4)
EMB-2ADRA 21.4kW       42-200-235-M12(116-4)
EMB-1FDRA 16.7kW       42-200-235-M12(116-4)
EMB-1CDRA 13.2kW       42-200-235-M12(116-4)
EMB-1ZDRA 10.8kW       42-200-235-M12(116-4)
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