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Beckhoff Automation Servo Motors equivalent Varitron planetary gearbox

Following information are the mounting dimensions of Beckhoff Automation Servo motors to equivalent planetary gearboxes.  Types of Beckhoff Automation servo motors are including AM8X, AM3X, and AM2X.


Specification of Motor Specification of Planetary Gearbox
Type Power Type Stage Ratio Spec.
AM8021 420W DM/DH/DL/DS060 L1/L2/L3 X 9-40-63-M5(20-2)
AM8022 590W       9-40-63-M5(20-2)
AM8023 840W       9-40-63-M5(20-2)
AM8031 840W DM/DH/DL/DS060 L1/L2/L3 X 14-60-75-M5(30-2.5)
AM8032 1.32kW       14-60-75-M5(30-2.5)
AM8033 1.67kW       14-60-75-M5(30-2.5)
AM8531 840W       14-60-75-M5(30-2.5)
AM8532 1.32kW       14-60-75-M5(30-2.5)
AM8533 1.67kW       14-60-75-M5(30-2.5)
AM8041 1.43kW DM/DH/DL/DS090 L1/L2/L3 X 14-60-75-M5(30-2.5)
AM8042 1.94kW       19-80-100-M6(40-3)
AM8043 2.57kW       19-80-100-M6(40-3)
AM8541 1.43kW       19-80-100-M6(40-3)
AM8542 1.94kW       19-80-100-M6(40-3)
AM8543 2.57kW       19-80-100-M6(40-3)
AM8051 2.30kW DM/DH/DL120 L1/L2/L3 X 24-95-115-M8(50-3.5)
AM8052 2.89kW       24-95-115-M8(50-3.5)
AM8053 3.50kW       24-95-115-M8(50-3.5)
AM8551 2.30kW       24-95-115-M8(50-3.5)
AM8552 2.89kW       24-95-115-M8(50-3.5)
AM8553 3.50kW       24-95-115-M8(50-3.5)
AM8061 4.71kW DM/DH/DL/DS150 L1/L2/L3 X 32-130-165-M10(58-3.5)
AM8062 4.78kW       32-130-165-M10(58-3.5)
AM8063 4.15kW       32-130-165-M10(58-3.5)
AM8561 4.71kW       32-130-165-M10(58-3.5)
AM8562 4.78kW       32-130-165-M10(58-3.5)
AM8563 4.15kW       32-130-165-M10(58-3.5)
AM8071 6.13kW       38-180-215-M12(80-4)
AM8072 8.00kW       38-180-215-M12(80-4)
AM8073 8.13kW       38-180-215-M12(80-4)
AM8121 50W DM/DH/DL/DS060 L1/L2/L3 X 9-40-63-M5(20-2)
AM8122 50W       9-40-63-M5(20-2)
AM8131 40W DM/DH/DL/DS060 L1/L2/L3 X 14-60-75-M5(30-2.5)
AM3011 140W DH042 L1/L2/L3 X 8-30-46-M3(25-2.5)
AM3012 230W       8-30-46-M3(25-2.5)
AM3013 300W       8-30-46-M3(25-2.5)
AM3021 320W       9-40-63-M4(20-2.5)
AM3022 590W       9-40-63-M4(20-2.5)
AM3023 540W       9-40-63-M4(20-2.5)
AM3024 940W       9-40-63-M4(20-2.5)
AM3031 520W DM/DH/DL/DS060 L1/L2/L3 X 14-60-75-M5(30-2.5)
AM3032 950W       14-60-75-M5(30-2.5)
AM3033 1.1kW       14-60-75-M5(30-2.5)
AM3041 990W DM/DH/DL/DS090 L1/L2/L3 X 19-80-100-M6(40-3)
AM3042 1.48kW       19-80-100-M6(40-3)
AM3043 1.62kW       19-80-100-M6(40-3)
AM3044 1.73kW       19-80-100-M6(40-3)
AM3051 1.35kW DM/DH/DL/DS120 L1/L2/L3 X 24-110-130-M8(50-3)
AM3052 2.45kW       24-110-130-M8(50-3)
AM3053 3.08kW       24-110-130-M8(50-3)
AM3054 3.61kW       24-110-130-M8(50-3)
AM3062 3.58kW DM/DH/DL/DS150 L1/L2/L3 X 32-130-165-M10(58-3.5)
AM3063 5.03kW       32-130-165-M10(58-3.5)
AM3064 5.61kW       32-130-165-M10(58-3.5)
AM3065 6.24kW       32-130-165-M10(58-3.5)
AM3072 4.49kW DM/DH/DL/DS150 L1/L2/L3 X 38-180-215-M12(80-4)
AM3073 4.72kW       38-180-215-M12(80-4)
AM3074 4.72kW       38-180-215-M12(80-4)


Specification of Motor Specification of Planetary Gearbox
Type Power Type Stage Ratio Spec.
AM3082 12.4kW DM/DS180 L1/L2/L3 X 48-250-300-M14(110-4)
AM3083 16.1kW       48-250-300-M14(110-4)
AM3084 19.8kW       48-250-300-M14(110-4)
AM3541 - DM/DH/DL/DS090 L1/L2/L3 X 19-80-100-M6(40-3)
AM3542 -       19-80-100-M6(40-3)
AM3543 - DM/DH/DL/DS120 L1/L2/L3 X 24-110-130-M8(50-3)
AM3551 -       24-110-130-M8(50-3)
AM3552 -       24-110-130-M8(50-3)
AM3553 -       24-110-130-M8(50-3)
AM3563 -       32-130-165-M10(58-3.5)
AM3111 50W DH042 L1/L2/L3 X 8-30-46-M3(25-2.5)
AM3112 100W       8-30-46-M3(25-2.5)
AM3121 140W DM/DH/DL/DS160 L1/L2/L3 X 11-50-70-M4(23-3)
AM227M 130W DM/DH/DL/DS160 L1/L2/L3 X 9-40-63-M8(20-2.5)
AM227LL 340W       9-40-63-M8(20-2.5)
AM237S 250W DM/DH/DL/DS90 L1/L2/L3 X 11-60-90-M5(23-2.5)
AM237M 500W       11-60-90-M5(23-2.5)
AM237L 500W       11-60-90-M5(23-2.5)
AM237VL 1.2kW       14-60-90-M5(30-2.5)
AM237L 470W DM/DH/DL/DS60 L1/L2/L3 X 14-80-100-M6(30-3)
AM257S 950W DM/DH/DL/DS120 L1/L2/L3 X 19-95-115-M8(40-3)
AM257M 1.9kW       19-95-115-M8(40-3)
AM277K 2.7kW DM/DH/DL/DS120 L1/L2/L3 X 24-130-165-M10(50-.35)
AM277S 4.0kW       24-130-165-M10(50-.35)
AM297K 6.3kW DM/DH/DL/DS150 L1/L2/L3 X 32-180-215-M12(58-4)
AM297S 7.2kW       32-180-215-M12(58-4)


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