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HOYAT announces the new Yebaao Series Digital Video Recorder-BR875

TAIWAN, December 16, 2013 --(ASIA TODAY)-- HOYAT Global Co., Ltd., a front-runner in the field of surveillance products for building and vehicle surveillance applications, is proud to announce the new Yebaao Series Digital Video Recorder-BR875 and a series of new products.

The new Yebaao Series Digital Video Recorder-BR875 features recording of up to nine analog streams. By combining powerful video storage management with very efficient H.264 compression, this high-level, nine-channel analog DVR series offers excellent video quality, and it also is priced competitively.

WDR Car Camera C852 is the smallest hardware WDR camera of its kind in the world. It performs better than its counterpart offered by SONY. Its uniqueness lies on hardware design rather than software, which is the key to its superiority. Most users of C852 are extremely satisfied with its quality and performance, and thus they have given it a nickname “A Super WDR”.

HOYAT’s DVR and NVR were designed for Cloud applications by adopting the new Cloud Penetration Networking Technology, which features Plug & Play, no need for DDNS, no need for port mapping and no need for static IP, and convenient live monitoring.

Nowadays, CCTV could be installed in many different ways, for instances, CCTV video baluns, which is also known as UTP baluns, allow traditional coax cable to be replaced by Category 5e and other forms of twisted pair wire in CCTV video camera & surveillance installations. Video baluns allow installers to use more cost effective structured cabling techniques to wire security cameras. By using Video baluns, UTP wire such as Cat-5e can extend for longer distances easier than coax cable and for less cost.

HOYAT offers you one stop shopping for CCTV because HOYAT supplies the best UTP video baluns in the market. Besides CCTV video baluns, HOYAT supplies new products in the following categories as CCTV twisted pair transmission, IP cabling transmission, HD-SDI (HD CCTV) transmission, HDMI transmission, VGA transmission, DV I transmission, video & audio transmission, component video & audio transmission, wall plate Cat 5e extender, video converter, data transmission, surge protector, solution for video interference, power center, and video accessories etc.

The last but not least, the function of the Intelligent IR has different meanings to different suppliers. A common standard is nonexistent. By its camera DM461, the Intelligent IR means when motion is detected in darkness, the IR LED will switch to white light LED. IR is invisible to human eyes, whereas white light is visible to human eyes. The advantage for switching to white light is for making the night video back to color mode. With IR, night video is always in black and white.


Founded in 1991 in Taiwan, HOYAT GLOBAL CO., LTD. has accumulated more than 2 decades of experience for surveillance products, for both building and Vehicle Surveillance applications. Backed by a team of talented and experienced engineers, Hoyat has been closely watching and evaluating industrial trends, and continuously introduced new products to the markets. In promote customer satisfaction, HOYAT has diligently worked with its worldwide distributors /and system integrators to listen to users’ feedback and tried to meet their needs and requirements.

The business value of HOYAT lies in its ability to integrate the complete vertical surveillance solutions for customers. HOYAT’s technology advancements enable complete solution offerings to cover all segments of the security market. With stable quality and outstanding post-sale service HOYAT ensures that it is a fair and win-win situation for between itself and its customers in all businesses done.

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